Video Production: El Corazon De Cuba Documentary

In 2001 as a Graduate art student (concentration in Interactive Design) I was invited to go with other Graduate students and Faculty of the Art Department at USF on a trip to Cuba with Graphic Studio. I was commissioned by Atlantic Productions to make a film, based on my own interpretation of the events. The outcome was a lot of artwork by everyone, much of it compiled on an interactive CD ROM that Hank Hines (then head of Graphic Studio, before moving on to the Dali) which included my movie, offered below. The film played at festivals around the USA and won some awards. What is most striking about the film is its visual style, with long lurking and passive views by subjects. This was attained by using an inexpensive video camera that looked like an SLR. People often posed for me as if I was taking a photo – or was unaware that I was doing anything at all. Enjoy!

El Corazon De Cuba Video Production 2001

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