Television Commercial Video Production

Commercial Video Production Television Florida (on location)

Television Commercial Video Production
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Interested in producing a television commercial or Internet video. Are you worried about blowing your budget on the wrong video production company (producer/director)? Are you considering allowing the sales or marketing department to create the narrative (story) for your video production? Would you like to have a 100% guaranteed success and see inquires and conversions increase by 200% or more? If so read on . . ..

The number one issue is chemistry and you have to find a producer director with a track record who you have checmistry with. This is paramount because he will be in charge of your vision. Additionally, the process should be transparent and you should be able to communicate directly with the producer/director not a sales person or associate. We are a full service film, video and multimedia production company that has worked with celebrities, fortune 500 companies, SMB and brands across the globe. We know how your company’s entire image and future depends on professional communication and good branding. Our clients have never been disappointed with our services because we have the equipment, resources, skill and a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the end result we will give you your money back and all the raw video footage we acquired during production. That is how confident we are at creating television commercials, marketing videos and web videos.

However we know that it is often difficult for clients to choose the right video production company, or even know what makes a commercial successful. Additionally, there is a lot of bad video out there that works, but Good Video (proven concepts) work much better. Our producers are standing by to discuss your project with you by calling 1-877-267-4111 or by using the simple form provided to the right (scroll down – PLEASE- for many television commercial samples we have created recently for many different types of clients).

Commercial Video Production Television Sample Client: Key Mortgage

Television Commercial Production Sample Video, Client: Key Mortgage – Aired Greater Tampa Bay Area. What Client Said “It was a pleasure working with AMP and would recommend them to anybody that is looking to grow there business.” What client needed was a commercial to drive leads to their inbound call center. We delivered. Commercial video production was written, produced and directed by AMP Film Studios to be aired on television in the Greater Tampa Bay Area Florida. We provide television production including television commercials for clients throughout the USA. Call 1-877-267-4111 today for a 100% money back production guarantee.

Our Guarantee

Television Commercial video production Behind the Scenes Studio

Behind the scenes in Studio
Television Commercial Video Production
Photo property AMP Film Studios

Our team of producers and video production professionals have a consistent track record of reaching our clients goals and delivering your television commercial on time and on budget. We use a transparent communication process from your first contact with a producer/director through the final delivery of your commercial to networks. We work with all television networks and provide both nationwide fortune 500 commercials and well as SMB local/regional television spots. AMP Film Studios will supply the right cast, crew, and director/producer to ensure that your television commercial successful the first time, on time.

AMP Film Studios will deliver your Television Commercial on budget (no extras), on time, guaranteed or your money back!

We will present you with a detailed budget and proposal with clear objectives and guidelines – You will approve all aspects of your commercial video production, from script, casting, locations to final edits. We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied that we guarantee your money back and give you all of the video acquired during production for free. In 20 years we have never had a dissatisfied client, since our goal is to give you exactly what you want.

We hope the content and the videos above and below have answered all your questions about producing a television comemrcial. However, if not please feel free to call us at 1-877-267-4111 (option 1) or use this simple form (in right sidebar) to contact us. Furthermore, you can search our website to find items of interest.

(Above) MMA League Nationwide Television Commercial promoting upcoming event in Atlantic City. Written Produced and Directed by AMP Film Studios.

Television Commercial/Infomercial Sample, Client: Intellicredit

Television Commercial/Infomercial Production Sample Video, Client: Intellicredit – Aired Nationwide. Client needed an infomercial to showcase their product and knowledge, add credibility and boost inbound calls. We delivered a 30 minute closed caption television infomercial on time and on budget that succeeded in reaching the clients goals. Infomercial video production was written, produced and directed by AMP Film Studios and aired on television nationwide. We provide television commercial and infomercial production for clients throughout the USA. Call 1-877-267-4111 today for a 100% money back production guarantee.