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What is Television production?

sports television production

Sports television production

Television is produced in a variety of ways depending on what type of show is being produced. Each usually involves a cast and crew, studio and set as with normal video production. The extra part of the puzzle is where the television show will broadcast and what particular time slot it will occupy. Some common types of television programming are: live studio, taped studio, scripted, and sports. Below you’ll find some information about each of them.

Live Taped

When a television show is shot live in a studio, they will usually be a little cheaper since any post-production work is taken out of the equation. A few examples of this type are newscasts, talk shows, and variety shows.

Taped Studio

This type is still shot in a studio, but the final product is edited in post-production which is usually to remove or add elements, or finding the best take of several retakes. Some examples of taped studio shows are sitcoms (situational comedies), talk shows, and infomercials.


A scripted show requires the most planning and usually involves the largest amount of cast and crew. Shots are taken both in the studio and on-location depending on need. To produce one episode of a scripted television show, it usually takes about a week between filming and broadcast. Fictional dramas and comedies are a couple of scripted television program examples.


Sporting events are typically filmed live and have accompanying broadcasters and statistics while the events are going on. Major sports broadcasts include: football, basketball, baseball, and many others.

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