Commercial Video Production

Are you an ad agency or independent marketer who needs a television commercial produced and you need a commercial production company who will deliver your commercial with any budget and on time?

At AMP Film Studios, our commercial production services don’t just stop at television commercials. We also offer the latest in digital media, providing web commercials, promo videos, teaser videos, and viral videos that will spread quickly around the internet by releasing them through social media channels.

Video: Credit Repair Infomercial


Infomercial for Credit Repair that ran nationwide. Written, directed, and produced by AMP Film Studios. Commercial Video Production Company in Tampa, FL specializes in commercials to market your product or service. Call today at 1-877-267-4111.
commercial video production

Commercial video production

We have produced thousands of commercials with diverse budgets and time lines. Most importantly we know your budget is a once a year opportunity for us, which is why we guarantee our work will be right the first time or your money back. We have worked with many marketing companies and advertising agencies in the Central Florida (and around the world) and understand how stressful it is for you to choose a video production company to produce your next commercial. We created a simple guide to help advertising agencies titled “the 6 biggest mistakes in commercial video production and how to avoid them.” You can get your free guide by calling 1-877-267-4111 or using this convenient form below.

One of our clients includes IntelliCredit, for bettering the credit for all types of businesses.

Commercial Production Company in Central Florida specializes in delivering only the best commercials to market your product or service. Call today at 1-877-267-4111 to speak to one of our commercial production experts. Your commercial is created with state of the art equipment and delivered with any budget and on time.

What are commercials?

Commercial advertisements, or commercials for short, are a span of television programming that is produced and paid for by an organization. Typically commercials serve to give information about a product or service in the space of about 30 seconds to 1 minute of television airtime. The longer form of commercials is the infomercial, which is a program-length 30-minute segment of programming that provides a more in-depth look at a product or service. Commercials are also one of the main funding vehicles for television networks and often include music from popular artists. In addition to television programming, commercials have been included in all forms of internet media including YouTube and Vimeo video aggregate websites.

Please contact us 1-877-267-4111 when you’ll get in touch with a personal account representative that will ensure your commercial gets produced quickly and by the least-expensive means. Additionally, you can use the form below to get your free guide “the 6 biggest mistakes in commercial video production and how to avoid them,” designed to help advertising agencies choose the right commercial production company the first time.