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Film Production Company, AMP Film Studios, where we can work with any budget and deliver high quality content on time (music video production, corporate, medical marketing, commercials, sports television production) or you get a full refund! English, Spanish and more!


Scenes (above) from all the different types of film production services we have provided including Music Videos, Television, Commercials, Documentary, Features, Shorts, Sports and Corporate video production services (whew). Contact us for film and video production and post production services nationwide, including getting in touch with one of our writer, producer and directors. Call today for a 100% money back video production guarantee at 1-877-267-4111. Option 1.

video production company

Film production company

At AMP Film Studios we know exactly what you want in a full service video production company, that is why our motto is “any budget and on time.” We deliver award-winning content that will not only meet but exceed your expectations, or you get a full refund (your personal video production guarantee). Our extensive knowledge and commitment to be the best in film and video production has made us one of the leading producers of high-quality video content in the United States.

We know it can be difficult to make the right choice of video production company and many of our clients have had bad extensive knowledge of dealing with video production companies that never delivered on their promises or what they delivered a poor-quality product. That is why we created the free guide to “Picking a video production company without the pain,” it explains what you need to avoid and what you need to look for in a professional film and video production company.

Above is sample from an award winning documentary film production that we shot and provided all post production for.

We have produced television shows for a variety of clients, including such programs as World Fighting Championships, which spotlights the hottest mixed martial arts matches. Commercials are also one of our staple productions that are fantastic vehicles for ad agencies to promote your product or service to the audience you are trying to reach. The products our videos have marketed include credit repair services like IntelliCredit, which features a full-length infomercial. New businesses also benefit from the diversity offered by AMP Film Studios, who has worked to produce high-quality corporate video content for our own brands, as well as . Our list of video production services includes the creation of feature films, documentaries, short films, and many other types of content. Whether you are an independent filmmaker or a breakthrough musical artist, we can help a large variety of professionals.

Film Production Company in Central Florida specializes in delivering high-quality video for television, musicians, medical and health professionals, and corporate businesses. Call today at 1-877-267-4111 to speak to one of our video production experts.

Our extensive knowledge in creating quality video content comes from our veteran production team members that uses only the top of the line gear and the highest caliber directing and cast selection. We make the process of video production entirely seamless from the first time you meet with your personal account representative to releasing your video content to major local and regional networks. Unlike some other video production companies, we want you to be happy, spend as little money as possible, and, most important thing is that we want you to avoid getting a substandard video.

The quality of our work speaks for itself, but we also give you our personal guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our product and will have no hidden or extra costs. We stand by our work and believe in our ability to deliver exactly what you want. As a matter of fact, if you are not absolutely satisfied with or product that we will let you keep the video footage and you won’t owe us a penny.

Independent Film Production Company

AMP Film Studios is an independent Film Production company that has worked on a variety of projects for independent producers and production companies worldwide. If you are interested in connecting with a verifiable professional film production company for your next project contact us. Below is a sample of a short film production: Next we wrote, produced and directed for the festival circuit for an independent producer.

What is Film Production?

Put very simply, the art and service of Film/video production is the process of creating film/video by capturing moving images in order to create a narrative or tell a story for an audience. Types of video production include television programs, commercials, music videos, and corporate videos. The process of film/video production typically involves three main elements: writing, shooting, and editing.


In the writing part of the process, an outline or script is created in order to be able to facilitate the shooting and editing steps in some coherent order. Parts of the production like cast, crew, and equipment are arranged in this preliminary part. The basic game plan is created now, which will coordinate the parts of the team that is producing the video. This team could be just one person when shooting a simple video, but more than likely consists of several people who all have different responsibilities. The cameraman is just one person, and other people are usually needed to coordinate sound, lighting, and stage. The next part of the video production process will utilize most of these people.


This is where most of the action happens during the video production process. The cast is assembled, either in the studio or on-location. The crew brings all the equipment and sets it up. The director’s job is to coordinate everything that happens on the set to make sure that everyone is doing their job. A good crew means that the video can be shot in as few takes as possible, which saves time and money. All the content is sometimes recorded on film stock, but with advances in electronic storage media, this is accomplished in a more cost-effective and convenient manner.


After all the video footage is shot and recorded it must be put together in a logical order. Any adjustments to sound or lighting can be made during this part of the process, as well as the addition of special effects. Video editing is typically done with editing software using digital media. When film stock is used, the actual film needed to be cut and pasted manually in order to arrange each sequence. Electronic storage and editing software has made this process easier to manage.

Still not sure what to do, order your free guide: “Picking a video production company without the pain”, by calling us directly at 1-877-267-4111.