Television Production

For the best in field shooting AMP Film Studios has your budget range covered. If you need to shoot in HD, AMP Film Studios offers the Panasonic DVCPro HD HVX-200. The AMP Film Studios DVCPro HD package is the perfect replacement for projects that used to be shot on film. With the addition of our Kinomatik 35mm lens adaptor, the MOVIEtube winner of the German Film Innovation Award for 2005 (for more info go to it is now possible to obtain the shallow depth of field, color and the resolution of a film production for a fraction of the price. Unlike other 35mm lens adaptors the MOVIEtube does not use an oscillating ground glass, in thus allowing the use of high shutter speeds with no loss of resolution.

Thanks to the versatility of the Panasonic DVCPro HD HVX-200, you can now acquire stunning slow motion footage and Time Lapse photography. In addition, this camera can shoot in various formats from Mini DV to true DVCPro HD.

AMP Film Studios includes a three person crew, along with a substantial lighting array that includes HMI lighting, Kino Flo’s, Arri light kits and Chimera light boxes. If your project calls for ENG? AMP Film Studios has you covered with the Sony DSR-570 camera. Like the HDCAM package, we send this package out ready to get some great 16×9 or 4×3 video with full lighting and the three person crew to get the very best high quality video.

Professional Crews
AMP Film Studios camera operators are professional cinematographers and have been with AMP Film Studios for several years. AMP Film Studios cinematographers are not freelance operators who have many days off waiting for their next gig. AMP Film Studios cinematographers are in demand and shoot daily working on projects ranging from TV commercials, to corporate videos, music videos, documentaries, and even low budget feature films. Regardless of the magnitude or your project, you will get a quality person who shows up ready to work on time, who looks and works like a professional and has been trained in the latest lighting and camera methods.

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Motion Picture DVC-PRO HD Production Package includes Panasonic DVCPRO HD HVX200:
* 4x 4GB P2 cards (8G,16G, FS-100 store Drive available upon request)
* P2 reader & store drive (Field Laptop & HD available upon request)
* 35mm Lens Adaptor by Kinematic THE MOVIE TUBE ST
(ENG B/W viewfinder, shouldermount, handles mattbox rods
* 35mm Prime Lens BL or Nikon adaptor (available upon request)
* Matbox, follow focus available upon request)
* 4 Arri Light kit, with Chimera Box (HMI & Kinos available upon request)
* Manfrotto Tripod. (Camtram, Dolly, Jib, Steady Cam available upon request)
* Audio Package (2 wireless lavs, 2 wired lavs, hand held mic)
* 7” or 17” Panasonic HD portable monitor
* Latest in lithium batteries
* Three person crew (Camera person, Audio person and lighting grip)

MOVIEtube ST is the professional version for MiniDV Cameras and equipped with following items:

* An integrated Sony tripod plate compatible shoulder set, for living camera moves.
* Three WALTERgrip handles for low shots and handheld action
* A socket for use with Sony compatible professional viewfinder to provide a sharp image for controlling the focus.
* Equipped with standard Arri connectors for wireless follow-focus, wireless image transmitter and all the other Arri accessories like focus
control monitor etc.
* Standard video rods for video accessories
* 35mm rods for connecting matboxes and accessories

DVCAM or DV Production Package includes (DRS 570 or PD 150):

* 4 Arri Light kit, with Chimera Box
* Manfrotto Tripod
* Audio kit including two wireless microphones, two wired microphones, handheld microphone.
* Portable monitor
* Latest in lithium batteries
* Two person crew (Camera person, Audio person)

Transportation Included in Production Packages
AMP Film Studios provides transportation for your crew to and from the shoot location in Nissan Xterra’s and GMC cargo vans. 50 miles per day is included in all AMP Film Studios shooting packages.