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Are you a medical professional that needs patient education or waiting room videos for your medical practice and you want to get the most for your money? Download our free guide: “Growing Your Business Using Patient Education.” and the companion video (using form to the right) and find out how we are able to increase our clients inquiries and conversions by 200% or more.

Medical Video Production Sample: Looking and Feeling Your Best (above), Written, produced and directed by AMP Film Studios. Provided for Dr. Mercedes in Florida (see her testimonial below). Providing Medical video production and customized patient education throughout the USA with a proven program that is 100% guaranteed to increase your results by 200% or more (more video samples below – please scroll).

If you are a Doctor, Practice Manager, or responsible for patient marketing, and you are thinking about using video to increase patient inquiries, increase conversions or communicate your business philosophy, you need to ask yourself what are the most important things you need to consider before creating your next medical/health video. If you are not sure why you should use video, you can get our guide “Why you need to use professional video in corporate communications and marketing,” here. We will assume that you have already decided video is what you need, defined the goals you want to reach and that you want your video to be successful. Aside from finding a competent, professional, video production company (who has successfully worked with hundreds of other medical/health businesses), what are the important points you need to consider? What can be done to insure success? After all, the world is inundated with bad video, crappy production value, and concepts that make no sense. Certainly most Doctors (or medical professionals) are not interested in wasting time, or creating something they will never be released. Our guide focuses on our experience working with medical & health businesses and proven method of creating patient education & medical marketing videos conceptually, and does not focus on technical aspects. Request your free guide “Growing Your Business using Patient Education,” by using the form in the right sidebar now.

What every Doctor needs to know about Our Medical Video Production Philosophy

What every Doctor needs to know about the AMP Film Studios Medical Video Production Philosophy. Released through our brand ActiveMD. Creative Director, Edward Isin discusses the three main things that has made the Active MD program successful. The program was created many years of working with many medical practices across North America. Call today for a 100% money back medical video production guarantee at 1-877-267-4111. More medical video production samples below – keep scrolling!

Your Patient Education Video Should Make Your Inquiries Draw One Simple Conclusion:
“I’d Have To Be An Absolute Fool To Use Any Other Medical Practice But Yours . . . Regardless Of Price!”

In “Growing Your Business Using Patient Education,” We detail the three main areas every medical business needs to understand about patient education (marketing) videos. Those areas are the message (sometimes called story), the style and the distribution of your video. These three things, in their order of priority are the most important things any medical professional needs to understand before creating a video for their business. Whether you are doing it to recruit new talent, market to new patients, increase procedures or surgery, or educate your customers. Furthermore it does not matter if you are using this video internally, on television, on the Internet or running on monitors in your reception area. The message, style of production and distribution of the video is paramount.

Statistic: 82.6% of people surveyed said they were more likely to purchase goods and services from a business that had videos on their web site.

When you consider statistics like the one above, you will want to take advantage of the medical video production services offered at AMP Film Studios. We have an extensive portfolio of patient education videos that have increased patient referrals for medical practices by as much as 200%. With offices in New York, New Jersey, Florida and California we can handle all your customized patient education and medical marketing videos needs. If you’re still not completely convinced, please feel free to download our free guide: “Growing Your Business Using Patient Education” by filling out the convenient form located in the right sidebar of this page. It includes a nine-minute companion video that includes many medical client testimonials from around the USA. You can also contact us directly by calling our toll-free number 1-877-267-4111 (option 1), 9 am to 9pm EST and 6 am to 6 pm CST.

Thank you for visiting our website and reading our content. Below we have included more sample videos that we have created (under the brand Active MD) for medical practices nationwide. As a bonus for your scrolling we have included a video featuring our creative director “the three things every Doctor needs to know about our philosophy.” Happy scrolling on this responsive design, video streaming website (designed by us).

Bilingual Medical Video Production: Texas

English and Spanish Medical Video Production: Texas (Spanish version above). We produced an English and Spanish version of the complete Patient Education series, DVD giveaway and Television commercials for this innovative non-invasive spine surgery center in Texas. They needed to introduce their new revolutionary procedure to the public in a powerful and credible way. When they launched the series of videos we produced (including a video about the entire process and a video for Doctors and other medical professionals to refer patients) they immediately booked so many surgeries that they had to hire and train more doctors in the second month. AMP Film studios wrote, produced and directed the medical videos for North American Spine located in Dallas, Texas. AMP Film Studios offers video production services for medical & health businesses throughout North America. Call us at 1-877-267-4111 and see what we can do for your medical or health business. Still not convinced download our free medical video production guide by using the form in the right sidebar of this page.

Medical Video Production: New Jersey

Video Production: Medical Sample. This New Jersey Plastic Surgeon wanted to convey her philosophy, ideas and great outcomes to patients in the surrounding area. AMP Film studios wrote, produced and directed the video for Bond Plastic Surgery located in Montclair, New Jersey. AMP Film Studios offers video production services for medical & health businesses from our New York, New Jersey, Florida and California offices.

Medical Video Production & Patient Education Florida: Client Testimonial

Medical Video Production Florida: Client Testimonial. After using our program for over 6 months, our client talks about how AMP Film Studios created an excellent patient education video series for her, painlessly. AMP Film studios provides video production services for medical & health businesses in North America. call 1-877-267-4111 for more information or use the form in the right sidebar to download our free guide “Growing Your Business Using Patient Education,” to find out more about our proven program.