Synchronic Disjecta: Music Video Production

Collaboration with Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, that Subliminal Kid in 2002. Electronic music, Electronic Media, DJ as Shaman and Trance – what do you think of this music video production – did you fall into a subliminal trance? directed and produced by Creative Director, Edward Isin. Much of the video shot on location in New York City, and a lot of after effects special effects and sound to video generators (some stock footage was used). comment below –

One special aspect of this music video is that there was an anomaly, a electronic error, corrupted video frames, which eddie enhanced and used over and over again as a recurring theme. Eddie said “I loved it because it was organic and natural, not at all what you find in electronic media, a happy accident.”

frame of corrupted video with effects

frame of corrupted video with effects

Music Video Production Synchronic Disjecta

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