Music Video Production: Brand New

Music Video Production project: Brand New featuring Dayo for Brainworx Entertainment, produced and directed by AMP Film Studios (Edward Isin). Brainworx approached AMP Film Studios because we had a history of creating great music videos for Atlantic, Univision, Slip n slide and other record labels. The song has a great up beat pop feel and to match that and connect with a young pop audience it was important to have a big cast, high production value and special effects. Director Edward Isin said “This Video had to look like other big budget music videos produced by the major but had to be done without a smaller budget. We achieved the look and feel we were looking for and received 200K views the first week the video was released. Shot on two Canon HDSLR in RAW format, using a full grip truck of film production equipment, which included a 30 foot Jib, dollies, tracks, various lighting and green screen effects shots. The music video had over 20 special effects (SFX) shots including the very cool green screen shot featured below the Brand New music video.

Music Video Production: Brand New

Music Video Production project: Brand New featuring Dayo for Brainworx Entertainment, produced and directed by AMP Film Studios (Edward Isin).

music video production Green Screen BTS BN

Music video Production Green Screen effect shot
Photo property AMP Film Studios

Amp Film Studios produced and directed the music video above featuring Dayo for Brainworx Entertainment. AMP was responsible for all production, post-production, editing, mastering and over 20 special effects shots like these. This green screen effect (SFX) example: Shot in slow motion on green screen, added motion background of city skyline (actually Boston), then color corrected and color graded to make the talent look as if they where on a city roof while the sun was rising.Director Edward Isin, said “the song is about getting your swag on, being a baller and feeling like anything is possible. We wanted to set the tone for the idea of renewal by having Dayo and the main female lead dancing on a rooftop in slow motion. We saved time and money by shooting this on a green screen in the studio.” As you can see the final shot is believable and the slow motion rhythm really adds to the opening build up of the music video. “Everyone was very patient and cooperative on the day of production for this music video,” said Director Edward Isin, “Dayo, the dancers and all of the background players, did a great job.”



music video production casting BTS BN

Music video Casting
Photo property AMP Film Studios

AMP Film Studios was also responsible for casting this music video.

In order for the music video to have a big budget feel we needed quite a few talent and good looking actors to play some of the supporting roles. “This was important,” said Director Edward Isin, “because your friends and family will not sit around for eight hours and wait. Then when we need them be 100%. You need real actors for that.” There where several important roles that needed to be filled, including a hater, four young ladies to accompany the lead, and the “live audience.”


Hair and Make up

music video production Hair Make Up

Music video Production Hair and Make Up
Photo property AMP Film Studios

Of course we had to have a great hair and make up professional on the crew, who understood film and music video production, that could handle make up for 40 people in one 12 hour day. Often hair and make up is overlooked in a music video or only used for the main talent. But Director Edward Isin feels a little bit of work before hand a lot of preparation makes post production a smoother process. Peoples faces are important, after casting why would you not take care of your talent? They need more (hair and make up) than a little powder to knock down the shine and “ultimately makes for a better end result – a dynamic music video that looks as good as anything a major label would put out.”


Props and Locations

music video production Props locations

Music video Production” RR Phantom
Photo property AMP Film Studios

When we gave the treatment to Brainworx, they where very happy, however, they did not understand how AMP was going to create the music video in one 12 hour day. After reading that there where twelve different locations (scenes), which included a club, a bar, studio effects, set construction, a live audience, a stage performance, and many props including upscale clothing and a couple of Rolls Royce Phantoms. Besides the fact that AMP Film Studios has literally worked on hundreds of major music videos in the last few years (making them highly qualified in the Music Video industry), They also specialize in bringing a high production value to the low budget world. Director/producer Edward Isin explained, “we achieved all of the above by using all our technical and artistic producing and directing skills, and by location scouting a large location that could accommodate all of the scenes needed,allow for set construction and that we could own (have unlimited, unrestricted access to) for 12 hours.”

Additionally, besides the locations, props, principal photography special effects and editing, and all of the set construction, costuming, casting and lighting and camera tricks AMP used, they also took care of all the catering to feed 60 people three meals, during the course of a 12 hour day. At AMP Film Studios we Turn it Up! Call 1-877-267-4111 and ask about our 100% money back guarantee we provide for all our music video productions or use this convenient form.