Is good video production history?

With the great number of digital video production companies, it’s likely that you have tried one in the past that didn’t live up to your expectations or fulfill some of their promises to you. Maybe they went over budget and charged you extra fees or they took entirely too long so you missed your deadline. When they gave you the final product, you were not impressed, but they required you to pay for it anyway. Reputations are damaged when this happens and this forces you, the client, to search elsewhere for a good video production company. At AMP Film Studios, based in Tampa, Florida, we have kept our reputation looking shiny. We know the ups and downs in every aspect of the business and how to get past any obstacles to production. Our results speak for themselves. Here, we will take a look at why other video production companies sometimes fail to hit their mark.

Have a direction and stick to it

A detailed strategy is essential when trying to produce a high-quality product and still deliver it on time and within a specified budget. AMP Film Studios always knows exactly what can impede the process of production and use up valuable time and resources. A winning combination always includes a well though-out script and effective communication with a seasoned director. With these two essentials in place, everything will be setup properly the first time which will keep extra takes down to a minimum. Other parts of the process are the many pieces of equipment that have to be managed and cleaned up. Time and money can both be wasted without this important game plan in place, which results in having to redo a shot multiple times or forgetting a critical element of production. It’s our job when producing your video to also be prepared for any type of event that could prevent or setback production, such as weather, traffic, or venue availability. AMP Film Studios has veterans in film production at their disposal and can make the entire process simple and keep you under your budget without sacrificing quality.

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Choosing the best cast and crew

Everyone on the set, from the important people like the director to the smaller roles like extras need to be experienced and able to take direction when there’s a budget to be kept. When the experience is there, the entire process can happen seamlessly to get a high-quality final product. The on-camera action is just as important as what happens behind the scenes of the set. With a coordinated crew who is used to taking direction and can move quickly, the chances of a successful day of shooting increase dramatically and can affect the end result. All of these aspects dictate whether the project will be kept under budget and the quality of the final product.

Keeping it in the studio

Inclement weather, street traffic, and the position of the sun are all things that can affect a video project when shooting outside. With so many different factors out of our control, we may choose to film in a studio where there is no need to worry if it will rain that day and there won’t be a need to get a permit from the city for certain locations. The overall budget gets used quickly when we take into account all the possibilities that can go wrong on the day of production. Keeping it in the studio means these elements are not just left up to chance, so there will be less takes to get the perfect shot. At AMP Film Studios, we have access to studio facilities that can provide a controlled production environment that can reduce your cost.

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