Innovation, Creativity and Inspiration

Just wanted to take a moment to talk about innovation, creativity and inspiration. At AMP Film Studios we think of ourselves as much more then a video production company. We have worked with clients all over the USA, celebrities and many major brands. We attribute that success to consistently attempting to push the boundaries of creativity in partnership with our clients. Whether, we created innovative ways to distribute media and interact with clients (like our interactive HTML 5 viewer) or our interactive narratives, we have always (since 1998) stressed the limits of our audience and the Internet!

Where we look for inspiration is often for TED talks like this one on Innovation –

and MUSIC like KAYNE WEST’S Stronger –

we hope these inspire you to think more creatively in your endeavors. As always if you are interested in film, video or multimedia production – to market your products or services, educate or promote your brand or identity, call AMP Film Studios, located in Florida, New York/New Jersey and California, for your next music video, television production or corporate marketing (sales) video production at 1-877-267-4111 option 1.