Documentary Film Production: Dawg Fight

Dawg Fight 2015 released on NETFLIX Sports documentary directed by Billy Corbin

Dawg Fight 2015 released on NETFLIX Sports documentary directed by Billy Corbin

Documentary Film Production is one of our specialties at AMP FIlm Studios. We have worked on hundreds of projects and Edward Isin has Directed and Produced many Award Winning Documentaries and Sports Television productions. We have produced many mixed martial arts shows, and other sports television including Swamp Buggy Racing for sports television networks like HD NET, Fox Sports, and MAV TV. Recently, while producing a 90 minute MMA sports television show, we assisted in the documentary film production of a newly released sports documentary, Dawg Fight (2015). distributed by Netflix. The film, directed by Billy Corbin of Cocaine Cowboys fame, tells the story of Dahfir Harris (DADA) and his rise from the ghetto in West Perrine Florida by using his braun and illegal backyard bare knuckle fighting. Dada grew up blocks away from Kimbo Slice who became a Youtube sensation and eventually went to work for him. During this time, seeing Kimbo’s fame and rise to stardom (what a let down, talk about hype), DADA decided to become a fighter. The film is interesting and the raw intensity and authenticity makes it worth watching.  For complete details about the film see the IMDB listing and go to NETFLIX to watch.


Documentary Film Production, Dawg Fight 2015, released on Netflix

AMP Film Studios and Director/Producer Edward Isin was commissioned by Action Fight League, a Mixed Martial Arts promotions company, to produce their first and second events at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. Action FIght League puts on a great MMA show and we where happy to produce a 90 minutes show for Television for them. We assembled a five camera HD, live to tape production which included a 30 foot jib, live slow motion playback, and cutting edge graphics packages.  At the time this was out 20th MMA sports television production.


Director Producer Edward Isin (and AMP) credited in Dawg Fight 2015

During the set up of the show Billy Corbin and one of his producers approached Eddie and explained their project. They asked if they could get a feed from our HD live to tape mix (packaged with graphics and slow motion playback) of DADA’s fight, since this was a pivitol point in their story. AMP Film Studios agreed and the ending of the sports documentary film production includes the MMA match of DADA and his opponent —– . The footage we produced makes a great ending to Billy’s film, said Producer Edward Isin. In good form, we are credited in the final credits of the film as Active Media Partners, CORP – AMP and Edward Isin (see photo).  The Heavyweight MMA match between DADA and Cedric James, although a highlight of the event was something of an anomaly.  Dahfir Harris (DADA) is basically an untrained street fighter pitted agains a well trained wrestler and mixed martial artist.  Add to this the controversial call by the referee Frank Gentile to stand up the fighters again, after Cedric James was dominating DADA 5000, reigning down punches in a full mount position.  After they where stood up DADA,  knocked Cedric James out.  For your viewing pleasure here is the entire clip from our actual sports television production of AFL Rock n Rumble 2, featuring the entire DADA heavyweight MMA bout with Cedric James.

Here is another clip from the sports television production we produced at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida for Action Fight League, Rock N Rumble 2. In this video we see the winner chosen and a fight break out in the crowd because the fans do not agree with the decision (time code 1:05). enjoy!

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