Corporate Video Production, Florida

Corporate Video Production Florida – Client: Quantas Airlines, featuring John Travolta. Quantas contacted us and asked us if we could quickly get a crew together, produce a 3 minute video with John Travolta (as on camera talent) and master it in digi-beta for a shareholders meeting in Asia. Video Director, Producer and Writer Edward Isin asked, “Do you need us to include a teleprompter for John?” They said “No, its John Travolta!”

We prepared for the corporate production, contacted the location and made all needed arrangements. This Corporate Video Production was located in Florida and it was not unlike many Corporate Videos, where things had to be organized and executed quickly because of timelines. This was someone at Quantas Airlines last minute idea (a great idea) and they needed it completed in five days.

Video Production- John Travolta

Corporate Video Production for Quantas Airlines – Featuring: John Travolta

AMP Film Studios Crew arrived early, set all props and backgrounds, camera, video village and lighting, and waited for John Travolta to arrive. When John Travolta arrived he looked around the room at all the equipment and asked the video director “Where’s the prompter?” AMP Film Studios team did not bat an eyelash and quickly rigged a laptop and monitor (not a teleprompter) to run the script. Everything went well, everyone was happy and the corporate video was a huge success for Quantas. They were very happy with AMP Film Studios Corporate Video Production Services.

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