4 Crazy(but true) things you didn’t think about TV commercials

In these days, television and video commercials are so ingrained in our everyday lives that we hardly notice them. By the time we are at the age of 65, the average person will have viewed over 2 million commercials. This mind-blowing statistic could mean that there is an increase in tv commercial competition, which means you need a tv commercial company that will produce your commercial in the most efficient means possible without having to break your bank. Check out these 4 Crazy (but true)  things that you didn’t think about tv commercials, and how AMP Film Studios in Tampa, Florida can help you produce a fantastic commercial.

The very first Television Commercial: Bulova Clocks – the cost $9

A 10-second spot ran before the Brooklyn Dodgers game in 1941 for Bulova watches. The tv commercial cost about $9 to air. Soon after, the FCC imposed the standard for the broadcasting of commercials and it would soon become the most popular way to get the word out about a business. AMP Film Studios has a lot of extensive knowledge in how to find the right way to film an engaging television commercial that will inspire your audience to buy your goods or services.

The highest-priced commercial: Chanel No. 5 – the cost $33 million

A-list celebrity Nicole Kidman received $5 million to make an appearance in a Chanel No. 5 commercial that had a production value of $33 million. Only 2-minutes long, it still holds the record for the most-expensive commercial since 2004. Don’t expect to have to cough up $33 million to create a great commercial. As a matter of fact, AMP Film Studios can help you produce your television commercial with almost any budget.

The Number of TV commercials shown per hour: almost 32%?

Since we saw the ad for Bulova Clocks in 1941, the number of television commercials per hour has increased annually. Just 10 years later in 1952, that statistic was already up to 13% of programming used to show commercials, which equals only 8 minutes of commercials every hour. In recent times, that number has steadily increased to a whopping 32% of commercial programming every hour. This means for every hour of television, the time is reduced to about 40 minutes. This statistic continues to trend every year to show an increase.

Norwegian TV: Product placement illegal

On Norwegian television network NRK, the show “Lilyhammer” almost wasn’t shown due to illegal product placement in order to advertise it during the show. For the show to be aired, it had to be edited by scrubbing out logos and brands from the scenes.

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