use the subscription button below to start marketing and tracking project – for LMG at $500 per month – cancel 30 days in advance –
here are some details – FROM EMAIL –
regarding the marketing – here is specific timeline and goals –

1) start immediately – ($500 cc) –

2) brief telephone discovery process (understand two new patient areas, motivations and outcome)

3) connect and create one cohesive system that will do the following – (creating the system, and linkages first)
A) develop a content strategy – with release dates – usually starts with a multiple page FREE downloadable guide
B) images and sometimes videos are part of this content strategy –
C) release the free guide information on website, all social networks and email campaign
D) traffic will be directed to a landing page with a secure form and captcha – names and info will be collected and considered leads –
E) auto-responder will be sent to all the leads –
F) track all calls and forms
G)break the contents of the free guide into 10 post for website to release over the month
H) create automated facebook link posts of each article in all social networks
I) create 10 automated twitter link posts
J) 10 automatic linkedin status updates with link post
K) 10 google plus business page updates with link post –
L) create 10 instagram posts with photos
M) create as many youtube video posts, and automate to social networks –
N) youtube automate watch later videos as facebook posts (medical health related videos (extra activity )
0) create automated Instagram photo to add post to WORDPRESS website –
P) assign a value to each conversion – track conversions – telephone calls and forms are leads – we must track the actual new patients and connect the data to track conversion – EX – new hearing aid patient conversion rate is $1000 profit – each conversion is $1000 – so $500 cost and $1000 profit is your ROI or or your ROI is 200%

3) on July ($500 cc) start the actual content creations and release of the above
A) use best posts from website as content of email –
B) with calls to action –

4) on August ($500 cc) repeat with new free guide – and
a) segment all emails – segmentation is the main think everyone forgets to do – different leads at different levels of interaction with different desires – this way in August we can create multiple emails with segmented lists to increase efficacy –
B) use best posts from website as content of email with calls to action –

September ($500 CC) repeat above with New Guide and
discuss ROI – and decide whether to turn up down or off – based on results –